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384: Jamesh Bond
Jamesh Bond

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I think there was gonna be some text or at least sound effects at some point, but I'm running late, and it works well enough on its own. The "hollywood" portion was originally gonna be like six panels of action and angles and other stuff that I don't have enough time to draw. You get the idea. It's just the same thing in every action movie. Hero who is usually the size of a car runs through machine gun fire and either suffers no injury or some crap non-lethal wound that he forgets about later on (like, in the shoulder or something). He may also rip his shirt. Voting at buzz is good, but not SUPAGREAT, we're within grabbing distance of #3! And for those who are interested in this sort of thing, here's another Aussie webcomic to tell your mother about. forum and Bizarre Linkage, as agreed upon

TRUENUFF BE BACK, BITCHASSES And here's another fine aussie comic-maker!

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[13:40] <Kenny> I think I'm going to give into my television's sexual desires and turn it's channels until it covers my face in good programming
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