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386: It's true. I love cupcakes
It's true. I love cupcakes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay cheesites I'm gonna be honest with you here and say that I seriously have some sort of attention span problem. The original concept for this strip was a 3 word description in my comic idea notepad about 2 years ago. The exact words were "Censorship purple blood", in that some country (Germany I think) had censored their video games to be "less violent" by making all the blood purple. That in itself is a bit stupid because purple or not, there's still gallons of the crap flying everywhere, and kids are gonna figure out sooner or later that they don't have purple running through their veins. Anyway, I dig up the old joke, start drawing, then 5 hours later I have Nat and Kat having lesbian sex. Then I decided it was a bit risque and deleted the last panel and put Thanatos in instead. No, I'm kidding, the third panel is the most I drew. Stop writing that fanfiction. Stop it! Alright keep going, but remember to post it in the forum for everyone to see. Anyway, the new censorshippy type message of this is that whenever THE MAN(tm) decides to censor anything, especially movies and whatnot, it's pretty painfully obvious what's going on. Especially when they dub over the voices with some guy who's probably the janitor. And that's for the women's parts. Believe it or not, the first kiss on btc is between two girls. That, as the french say, is le fucking awesome. Thanatos was going to be saying "HOLY FUCKING FUCK", but it wouldn't fit. And if you got a surprise from today's strip, why not show some votey love? I've been getting the vibe that people don't know how to get onto the irc channel (if you have mirc, trillian or chatzilla installed, they'll parse that link and send you straight into the room). Point your irc client of choice over to, port 6667 works just fine, and do a /join #btc. Simple. And then you can participate in some of our typical conversation! Oh yeah! And speaking of oh yeah, Here's another Australian webcomic for ya! Well, the artist is a CANADIAN CANUCK, but we won't hold that against him....for now. Some bizarre linkage, PRAWNOGRAPHY DAWT NET


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