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387: I'm not kidding. Stop it
I'm not kidding. Stop it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Unless we got overtaken while I was typing this, WE TOOK NUMBER 2 ON BUZZ! And if we DID get overtaken, then you should, like vote more and stuff. Anyway, it both saddens and arouses (?!) me when I use the awesome power of my tiny god to produce 3 panels of stick figures and a lot of text, but then again I also use it to make stuff like wednesday's lesbianistic extravaganza, so I guess it all balances out. Continuing from the strip, a list of language related things I also hate in no particular order:

  • The whole !!!!11!!!112222@@2ELEVEN thing. It's not funny anymore. Cut it out.
  • "izzle".
  • Continuing from that item: Justin Timberlake
  • Constant they're, there and their misuse. IT'S GRADE FOUR ENGLISH PEOPLE! How did you even GRADUATE!?
  • People who do this: :)))))))) or ^_^;;;;;;;;. YES, WE GET IT
  • That ZOR or XORed thing: "HAYZORZ DOODZOR"
  • Emails filled with >'s or 3 page long sigs with plenty of ~~~````'''|| LOOK AT HOW SPECIAL I USE THE KEYBOARD ||''`````~~~~~[]@#$)@#$&2348023507
  • "Wallah". It's VOILA! C'MON!
  • Being a moron. Eg: PWIZPWNZEDNIZZLEIZZLE!!!1112
  • No really, stop being morons
  • People who don't know moderation and run a joke into the ground

    ARGH. I'm gonna stop before I have an attack or something. If you hate stuff too, why not hate stuff with other people in the forum? You might also hate the bizarre linkage,, and I updated the art and extras pages.

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