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391: huge huge! HUGE!
huge huge! HUGE!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Major thanks to Supafine's leading lady, ZACH! Okay he quit supafine, so I guess he isn't leading lady anymore. And I guess it's not fair to call him a lady since he drew the strip for me and all.....but I'm gonna do what feels right and go ahead regardless. And for all you art nitpickers, he tells me that Goku's arms in the first panel are meant to be like that, to make fun of the way everyone's arms were stubby in the early episodes. I think he's just too lazy to go back and fix it, but let's believe him....for NOW. Also; This strip marks the second no-text dick joke in a row. Let's see if we can go for three! I also went back and fixed up friday's comic ARE YOU HAPPY NOW BEER HUH ARE YOU!!? THERE. IT'S DONE. I DID IT. GOD I HATE YOU SO MUCH. Ahem. Anyway, we've dropped a spot at buzz, but for a limited time only voters will get a special glimpse of a certain dangerously curvy individual. Also; I've updated the extras page with some new goodies (scroll down near the bottom), as well as adding the new btc sightings page. Well, that should just about cover it. Drop into the forum, and prepare to wince in pain at the bizarre linkage: PENIS EXPLODES DURING SEX. No really. That's the headline. Seriously. Oh, and Alex wanted a link

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Oh I didn't even draw this one in the first place, let alone REDRAW it

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:00] <Beermon> pot DOES give you a whole new appreciation for donuts, though
[11:00] <Beermon> "oh.... man..... this donut..... oh man...."
[11:01] <Beermon> unfortunately it degrades your vocabulary to the point where you are unable to communicate your new understanding
[11:01] <Beermon> and shorts out your short term memory too
[11:01] <Beermon> which is cool, because each new donut is a voyage of discovery
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