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392: What? Metal tastes bad!
What? Metal tastes bad!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I can't tell if this is funny or not, because I made it while I was high on sudafed, scotch and nyquil. No I'm only kidding. It was cocaine. Also, I changed Sancho's head slightly because I like the way it looks, and that little flappy thing on his head was starting to be a real pain. And if anyone cares I think Thanatos is puny human #1, Duke is puny human #2 and Nat is puny human #3. Because I said so. And in case I haven't mentioned it before, Lei is a pain in the ass to draw. Speaking of ass and draw, human readers may be interested in the newly updated caricatures page with all your favourites, like Cracky, Lance, Max and Tina!. I also had one in my caricature queue from "Tom". Tom, your picture was too small and I couldn't draw you. Sorry. And Pants, you never sent me a picture to draw. Also updated is the changes file in the art section. And I made this thing yesterday, and I think it's pretty rockin'. And zip wanted me to mention this handy dandy NES page, with hundreds of manuals for download. Sounds pretty rockin'. Speaking of rockin', We're about 100 votes from #2 on ye olde buzz...e. You know what to do. That's right....visit the forum! Thought I wasn't gonna fit in the link, didn't ya? Some Bizarre Linkage from Kanuck. Riiiight.

And Tina: I don't negotiate with terrorists

And where were those terrorists living before the 9/11 attacks? That's right, IN AMERICA, CHECK. MATE, you TERRORIST

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[18:02] <Fenris> I'll ruin you, like your dad ruined sex for your mom.
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