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393: No cure for cancer. And Beerman sucks
No cure for cancer. And Beerman sucks

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I asked beer for a title on this one, and he came up with some shit thing like "YABBA DABBA GABBA GABBA". It was really dumb. I just tune his gabba wabba shit out now. This comic explains itself, except that there was more kicking in the proverbial bojangles of head guy. But yeah, I don't think the stem cell compainer guys will turn down a cure for cancer once it gets made, so I think we should turn them down, because you know that's what they want. I was tossing up whether the doctor would go "Ha-haw", but decided not to, because some jerkmos keep wailing about how I reference the simpsons. You know who you are, crybabies. And in other news, I've submitted btc to dayfree for consideration. Note my excellent memory and spelling ability. Sorry Ed! I'll remember better once I'm a cyborg! And note from the headline thing my terrific skill at not burning bridges. Ohhh yeah. How about some TOTALLY INZANE BIZARRE LINKAGE, Tim Burton's crazy-ass writingses! Oh, and don't forget to vote super hard when the list resets tomorrow, and maybe head off to the forum where you may or may not see strips in advance. Also, Tina is a sloshpork. pass it on.

Reader art page updated. Zipperhead is a god.

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[12:34] <Lance> give me a famous person to put in an ad. And a product to put in the same ad.
[12:34] <Goonigoogoo> sean connery
[12:34] <Goonigoogoo> tampons
[12:34] <Barman> now thats an interesting combo
[12:34] <Lance> "This time, October won't be so red."
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