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40: Just hand over the damn licence, already
Just hand over the damn licence, already

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
Yeah. I made this after I failed the THIRD time (the second time, I wasn't sufficiently angry to draw a strip like this one. I couldn't really remember what he looked like either). The bastard said "I didn't stop at a stop sign" upong further interrogation he changed his story to "didn't stop *long* enough at a stop sign". Hey, if the car's not moving, it's a fucking stop. I don't care how long you want, if the car isn't moving at a stop sign, it's a stop. You don't fail people for that, asshole. Yes, I was fantasising about ripping out a stop sign and bludgeoning him with it. Preferably the sharp pointy end. I got the feeling that he was just looking for an excuse to fail me after he asked "this is your first time, right?", to which I replied "No, you incompetant waste of flesh, it's my third". Okay, maybe I left out the 'you incompetant waste of flesh', but it was implied in my voice. He replied "Oh, sorry". Yeah that's right dumbass. Fail everyone on their first go to make money. Great idea. I'm sure that nobody will get angry. Oh yes, I also decided at this point that when Thanatos was killing someone, he'd have red Terminator style pupils, for extra artsy effect. Although I'm not too sure I remembered to follow it after a few strips.

Search for the replaced btc
OH YOU GOT ME....No I'm kidding. This isn't the replaced one either. Isn't this fun?

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<Tony> Penises, at dawn.
<Beerman> but battling against an unarmed opponent is so unfair
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