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403: Snap Crackle
Snap Crackle

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH'M BAAAACK. But I can't stay for long. I'm being followed by ASSIGNMENT DEADLINES. Sorry for the long delay, but I've seriously been up to my swamp in alligator fire asses. Or something to that effect. Thanks for all that voting even while I was out. You're all super awesome. In case you can't tell by my sloppy scheduling, the semester is almost over which means all the assignments are due in at once, right before lectures end and exams begin. But terrible, neverending agony for me means that you all get to enjoy cheesecake month woooo etc draw nekkid ladies goon. My fingers are freezing, so I'm gonna wrap this newspost up hanging stuff now. Cthon hit his 100th comic on wednesday, and I was supposed to link these guys for reasons I forget. And check this thread from the forum out. If you're interested. Next week will probably have an update, two if you're lucky. but I've got an expletiveload of study to do, so it probably won't go up at a regular time. Just keep checking back until then. Enjoy the bizarre linkage, Alien vs Predator plushies! I added up some junk in the origins page too. And some bitchin' submissions from from gruff in the reader art page

Oh, and if you're a webcomic creator guy, why not sign up to the Cartoonist's Choice Awards and nominate your favourite comic!..... Or nominate btc instead.

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[14:49] <Patrick`> talk about a freudian sex
[14:49] <Patrick`> er, slip
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