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406: You guessed it!
You guessed it!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yeah, you know the part where I said I'd kick off cheesecake month next week? I was lying. And that stuff about me wanting you to vote every single day? Okay, that part was the truth. Go and vote why dontcha. In case you're new to this, cheesecake month is where I update once a week with cheesecake instead of 3 times a week with funny, because exams are gonna attack me in the butt, so I have to study like crazy for all the stuff I missed making goodness for you guys. And gals. Speaking of girls, you can thank miss DangerousCurves for the cheerleaders in the sprinklers idea. And by idea I mean she's a shameless perv. That doesn't mean flood me with cheesecake requests. (Although I guess you could post some ideas in the forum, if you were so inclined. Posting doesn't guarantee I'll do it) And you can thank Frank Cho for the handy cheerleader reference art. This was going to be like one of those 80s teen sex movie posters, like Porkies or something (thus the font) with the girls in the field with the sprinklers, and the guys somewhere in the front behind some bushes with a remote control for the sprinklers. Only the guys in front part came out really crap, so I scrapped them for that june 2004 thing. ARTISTE. Anyhoo, I've got some terminology to learn, so enjoy your bizarre linkage, RUMSFELD-FU. Oh, and I revamped the old favourite kat molestation flash banner (in case you haven't noticed) in commemoration of its original introduction this time last year.
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[14:41] <Lance> I don't know what I was expecting when I went to the cams.
[14:41] <Lance> But I came back from them a man.
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