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407: Cheesecake ala Fenris
Cheesecake ala Fenris

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hoooah. Studying is FUN. Trying to memorise every obscure acronym and the properties therein is so applicable to everyday situations. Anyway, today's cheesecake is courtesy of sexy, sexy Fenris. Thanks, sexy Fenris! Due to the timing of my exams, I think I can actually fit in an extra bit of cheesecake either next week or the week after when they're all finished. (one this monday, then one on saturday, then another two on monday) Anyway, keep up all the great buzzcomix voting, and why not check out the updated sightings and reader art pages? Thanks, contributing cheesites, especially Pequena who pimped out btc at a webcomics panel along with her sightings contributions! Beer, your #1 cheesite spot is in jeopardy! JEOPARDY I SAY. JEO. Here's your link to the forum, and some succulent bizarre linkage, the best product review EVER.

On a more serious note, Michael Buonauro of Dr. Lobster, Gamer Hotties (I don't think that link works), Wrench Farm and Marvelous Bob committed suicide about two weeks ago, shortly after his 25th birthday. I'm sure you've read it in other places by now, but just in case you haven't heard, now you know. I haven't read much of his work besides Dr Lobster and Marvelous Bob, but from people who knew him he was a pretty awesome guy. From what I've seen, he had a really unique approach to nearly everything and his passing is a real loss to not just the webcomic community, but everyone. In case you're a reader of Marvelous Bob, Michael managed to type up one final chapter, 'The End', which he hid on the server. You can read it there now

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
<gassit> it goes like this
<Lance> we all ready got all the main points about what make it up.
<gassit> a guy i know wanted to have some sex with his girlfriend in the spa
<gassit> so they tried a couple of times but discovered that the water made it very hard
<gassit> so they purchased some lube
<Outworld> go go go tell tell tell
<Beermon> water washes away natural lube something chronic
<gassit> and then discovered that this being water based lube it dissolved in the water, rendering the whole thing moot
<Outworld> wooooooo lube
<Outworld> so, in the end, did they both die?
<gassit> so they waited for a while and then found some oil based lube
<Beermon> and oil floats
<gassit> and the packet was marked in huge letters ANAL LUBE
<Outworld> HAHA!
<Outworld> so, in the end, did they both die?
<Beermon> so they had a spa full of OILY SEMEN
<gassit> so they thought this would be great
<gassit> so they bought it
<gassit> and left it out in the girlfriends room
<gassit> where her dad saw it
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