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408: Watersports

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Heyyy, told you I'd update early. And for those who've been wanting it, here's some hot wet Cleo for you! Also: drowning! HAWT. I had my first exam on monday and let me tell you, I studied the balls off it. You know why? Because I misread the exam time and showed up five hours early. BALLS. So yeah, good start of exams. I've got another exam on saturday, two on monday, then on tuesday I start workin' again for two weeks to round off my work experience quota. After that, I type up the 3000 word report, hand it in the next week when I go back to uni, and start ALL OVER AGAIN!! WOOOO! PAR-TAY. Anyway, there'll be a new cheesecake...saturdayish. In case you didn't notice it in the newspost last time, I'm doing the shading all "proper"-like now, so if it doesn't look isn't. I'm just guessing as I go along. Just like with the art. HOOAH. So don't forget to vote like madmen and madwomen! I don't believe there's anything else to tell you, other than to check out game over and the forum. And maybe enjoy the bizarre linkage, JUSTICE LEAGUE....PONYFIED. Well, don't enjoy it TOO much.



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[14:30] <Earthtoad> I'll just have to try to not stare at her jugs all the time.
[14:30] <Barman|Very|Tired> its quote easy earthtoad
[14:30] <Barman|Very|Tired> just pretend her eyes are tiny breasts
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