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410: Height of fashion
Height of fashion

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So late! I finished my exams yesterday (two 3 hour exams. Hooah!) and immediately went back to work today. So I was kinda wasted last night, and didn't complete the comic. Or really start it for that matter. Still, by popular request, here's Lei! And Kat! Woo! Vote! Exclaimation mark! This was all slapped together in record cheesecake time, so I didn't actually think about the shading, only hazarding guesses at where it should go....which is what I do normally, except this time it was a lot quicker. Since I'm running super late, just a quick heads up that I may possibly push wednesday's update to thursday or skip it for friday while I get used to waking up at 7am again (ie: going to bed earlier, ie: working on comics at different times), but after that, it should be back to normal. Hopefully. Gotta go! Here's your bizarre linkage, JAPAN!! Someone needs to take box cutters away from Japan. Seriously. Oh, and check out Squirrel Baggers, who have had a fresh new redesign.

Read Hanasays' comic, PO Bocks. It's awesome, and so is she.

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