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412: Mm-mmm smooth!
Mm-mmm smooth!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Not too much on this one, besides how terribly terribly late it is. Panel 3 had some other dialogue that was way way funnier but I changed mostly due to space reasons, and the fact that it doesn't translate to text as well as I'd like. But if you know me, get me to act it out and I can show you. If you don't know me, here's the original, non panel-fitty text:

What kind of SHAM operation are you running here!? Get me my damn blood NOW or I'm gonna throw the biggest manfit EVER. Have you seen a grown man throw a tantrum before? IT AIN'T PRETTY, LADY. You wanna taste? WAH! NNYAAAAAAAAAH! NNYAAAHH FREAKIN NYAAAH! You want more? YYYAAAAUUUHHHH!!!! EEEYYAAAUUUHHHHH!!! THERE'S A WHOLE GODDAMN WAHMBULANCE JUST WAITING! AND DON'T THINK I'LL STOP SPITTING EITHER

And so forth. Wahmbulance copyright Keir Broadfoot, to the best of my knowledge. It's the end of the month soon, so remember to SUPER BUZZ VOTE and maybe I'll give you a SUPER VOTE INCENTIVE. Oh, and update on the broadband situation, even though there are over 220 ports listed as available, installation is halted indefinitely until they install some. Noting that the installation listings have nothing within the next three months for my exchange. Either a) They're dicks, and don't know how to make money (the first part is likely, but the second isn't considering how much profit they make per year), or b) There ARE CMUX ports available, which is why they haven't scheduled any installations, and they're giant sons of bitches. So yeah. Assholes! Fuckwrenches! Wanna swear? Then join in at THE FORUM. Then when you're done, cool down with some nice relaxing bizarre linkage....GLOBALGASM

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[20:56] <dreamwraith> ...Sexual encounters... I make it sound like something you'd encounter in D&D.
[20:56] <dreamwraith> "You fail the dexterity check and have a sexual encounter."
[20:56] <dreamwraith> "Now roll for treasure."
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