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413: I'm so clever
I'm so clever

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I was actually gonna use this as a vote incentive and slap together a proper comic, but then I ran out of ideas. And fatenheit is hilarious. You should say it more. Okay, next week's comics will probably be funnier, because I'll be off work and I can spend all day wallowing in my own comedic juices. Then I'll have a shower to get all the juices off and make a comic. You'll see. For interest, the line was originally "Hey Moore! More like FATenheit 9/11!", but Moore and more was too akward. WELCOME TO THE THRILLING WORLD OF WEBCOMICS! You'll also note I've updated the featured comic to Checkerboard Nightmare, after I realised I hadn't used it as featured comic any time yet, and especially since Moth is a major writing influence on me, and taught me everything I know about comedy. Except the toilet humour. I already knew that stuff. But he taught me how to properly use and spell the terms 'Fourth wall' and 'Non sequitur', and that's gotta count for something. Something rad. Anyway, here's your bizarre linkage, Anime Realdolls! (NSFW!) I think if those silicone sacks were any larger the sheer force of gravity would rip them right off her chest. Anime and the laws of physics don't mix well. See you on friday, cheesites! KER-FORUM!
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[13:55] <gassit> "After being charged 20 for a 10 overdraft, 30 year old Michael Howard of Leeds changed his name by deed poll to Yorkshire Bank PLC Are Fascist Bastards. The bank has now asked him to close his account, and Mr. Bastards has asked them to repay the 69p balance, by cheque, made out in his new name. (The Guardian)"
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