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417: Too easy
Too easy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I sometimes get emails. They go "Goon, " A lot of them start with goon, some start with mister goon, or goonigoogoo. Others just jump straight into the body of their message, which is rather rude if you ever took a letter writing class. But luckily email is less formal than writing a letter, so all the rules go out the window. "Goon, " they say, "Why don't you make fun of religious types like you used to?" And I reply that it's just too easy. And I'm right. I'm always right. Same with Jesusman comics. I can just slap him in anywhere and people for some reason love it. Even though he's been in about 10 strips, ever. Anyway, since I temporarily misallocated (lost) my little notebook dealie with all my comic ideas/reminders, I just grabbed the nearest time magazine and found what's topical. Gay marriage, that bishop dude who wants to ban catholics from receiving communion, and a bunch of people who say that Saddam should be tortured and killed. The magazine was a month or two old I think. I'm not saying that he SHOULDN'T be tortured and killed, I mean, he did some bad stuff right? But when those same people go off and start saying that abortion is killing babies, and killing is bad, it's kinda hard to take them seriously. Interesting sideline: While abortion is outright banned by the vatican, capital punishment ISN'T! It's a judgement call! That's right, you're allowed to take things on a case by case basis and decide whether it's called for, using your own reasoning and logic. Meanwhile, abortion no matter the circumstances is still frowned upon. Because there's different levels of killing. Or maybe they just want doctors to start using cute little electric chairs. And the leading argument against gay marriage is that it will encourage people to be gay, in the same way that hanging around tall people makes you tall. Now reward my laziness by copying some random comedian's line and vote! Or argue about it in the forum, and call me names! For those of you playing at home, I recently negotiated an end to hostilities with Tim, who later accepted (by email, since the thread got locked). And to mister forum guy who doesn't remember correctly: I never emailed tim to link btc on his site, because I never ask other authors to link my site, I let them decide to on their own. Immature of me, I know. And it still gets me how many people still take ol' flamebait so very very seriously. AAAnyway, carrying on the theme of them crazy chriztians, how about a MST3kin' of our FAVOURITE TRACT EVER. Well, maybe second to that evolution one.


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