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419: Everybody laugh! Ha ha ha!
Everybody laugh! Ha ha ha!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Before you start, Sean isn't me, and this isn't a cry for help. For instance, MY father never told me to suck it up. This comic has a Klassic Keir tone to it, and maybe a smidgen of Don Hertzfeldt for good measure. Anyway, if this provoked any form of emotional reaction in you, then why not keep up the high rate of voting? Not too much else to report for now, Uni begins again next week, and I've got to finish off a 2000 word report on my work experience while not using the first person at any point, so Goonigoogoo will be busy in the next few days. There's the ever so fun forum to go to, along with KC's new seperate comic just for Advice from Mr Longlegs, the bitchin'est advice "column" ever. And say hello to our latest sponsor, Litisun! Alright, don't enjoy your bizarre linkage TOO much, FUCK THE VOTE

Doh, and don't forget to vote btc for best environment!

Bigger Than Cheeses

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[11:33] <Sloan|Away> I once said 'Hindsight is 50-50' and I've still never lived it down.
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