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420: Middle Earth?!
Middle Earth?!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There was gonna be a lot more dialogue, but I had difficulting fitting in what I have as it is. So since you all loved the last dialogue I had to cut, here's some additional doodads:

Kat: Why are we fleeing the country?
Thanatos: Nothing. No reason. Words were exchanged between parties, mostly four letter ones describing family lineage and sexual habits with farm animals. In any case, they were going to give us 48 hours to move, but I had a talk with them.
Kat: And?
Thanatos: And now we have 6 hours.
Duke: The red areas on this globe covers all the places where we're not allowed to live, thanks to a certain someone getting us banned from every country and territory on the earth.
Thanatos: What? Stop looking at me! It could be HIM!
Duke: ...And in a pre-emptive move from the space-capable superpowers, we're not allowed to settle on the moon either
Thanatos: Damn!
Duke: However I think if we play our cards right, the UN might agree to allow us to settle in international waters, on a floating ship/house, like a miniture version of that city from Waterword.
Thanatos: The OCEAN? No WAY! That pansy Aquaman lives there, and I'll be damned if any scale shirt wearing jerk is my next door neighbour
Duke: Aquaman is just a fictional character
Thanatos: But what if he's NOT!? I'm not willing to take that risk, how about you? Huh?
Duke: I'm w--
Thanatos: HUH? HUHHH?

Aaand so on. We're holding sorta firmly onto 5, but then again I said that about 4, so remember to keep up the sexy sexy voting! Speaking of sexy, it's been a sexy two days of reader contributions, so check out the volume of new stuff in the reader art and sightings page! Well, I'm back to uni next week, so updates may be iffy. Maybe. Don't forget to hit up the forum (and LiveJournal community, where I sometimes show stuff ahead of time), and the bizarre linkage, this.....thing
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