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421: Damn dirty ape--aliens!
Damn dirty ape--aliens!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Alternate ending for this strip: Aliens go "Thanks, we left a present for everyone with one of your women", Duke (who got cut out of the first panel, because I scrubbed the joke) says "Well, that was nice", then the last panel is Nat with a face hugger dealy and a very pregnant looking stomach and THE END@ superimposed. With the @ crossed out and a hand drawn ? underneath it. Hilarious, I know. You can tell where I just gave up on the shading because of the flood filly goodness of the second panel, and the complete lack of lighting on Thanatos' pistol. If I could be arsed, the first panel might make a nifty wallpaper. Aaanyway, I'm heading back to uni! And I've got three clashes....EVERY WEEK! Yaaay! No problem uni, I'll just split myself in two while I attend classes on opposite sides of the goddamn campus. While I'm trying to work out the best way to clone myself, why not keep up all the super killer crazy voting? Eh? Eh? Eh? Actually that last eh is the forum link, so check it out too. The word from my isp regarding my broadband woes is that telstra will be installing new cmux ports in my local exchange on July 30th. Of course they didn't say anything about if I'm actually getting one of these ports, and if I'm not, I'm not kidding here, I will be seething with so much manly rage I will punch a hole in the fabic of space/time. WITH MY FIST. Speaking of fist, HERE'S YOUR BIZARRE LINKAGE! Nail caps for cats! And Alex-C is in need of guest comics, so if you're free why not drop him a line?

Ps: pass this around to all your buddies who don't read webcomics OR, just print out some of those doodads and leave them around the place for hilari-fun.

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[23:12] <Krimson> Heh, in my IT lesson, our dumbass teacher was showing us how to make leaflets for a sports centre and he googled "Watersports" on the big projector with safe search off
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