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422: Alternate punchline down below
Alternate punchline down below

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Alternate punchline: "I don't mean to sound like queer or nothin', but I find fire very romantic". I didn't use it because it's not really my joke, it belongs in a museum. I mean to orgazmo. Cheesite Josh sends in this thingy of interest, which I post right now straight from his email:

I'm starting a new webcomic called Oasis, and I'm offering a free copy of Spider-Man 2 for the PS2 to whoever can come up with the best logo for this comic. Send any submissions to

You heard the boy! Go! Now! And while you've got the email open, why not send in some questions for the new section I'm starting up, ASK THE CASTK. That's not a typo. I spelled it castk on purpose. That's right, simply address the email as if you're writing it to one of the cast members, and they'll answer it! Also, I'll make a little subsection in the extras page and maybe set it up like mini-comics! WOW! And if you're the anti-social type, then why not just vote a whole bunch at buzz, since we slipped a spot? There was a whole lot of activity in the forum the past few days, so great work, active cheesites! That's all the stuff for me, G'BYE

And congratulations to Theater Hopper, who STOLE the best environment award right out from under me! I'm calling a recount damnit! Just kidding.

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