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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I'm pretty sure sir should be capitalised, since it's a pronoun....I think. Anyway, If you can do a good british accent, this is even better. In fact, it's the best joke in the world, and if you don't like it it's because your accent isn't good enough. You should work on that. I've worked out that wednesday updates will most likely be late for the rest of this semester...or early, depending on how much free time I have or whether I can mantain a buffer of comics throughout the year instead of flying by the seat of my teeth every week. Or pants. Whatever. The month is almost over, so I guess you don't need to vote quite as hard, but starting next week you'd all better vote like maniacs! C'mon! I don't ask that much in exchange for all the free comic love, except for maybe some votes, or telling your friends (or enemies, whatever) about btc! And maybe some forum participation, if you're feeling frisky, but that's hardly compulsory. So remember, vote or I'll kill everyone. Oh, and I ended up seeing I, Robot today, and since webcomic author's opinions are in fact the most valuable in the world, I thought it was a pretty okay movie. I mean, if it didn't pimp itself as so Asimovian, I might've enjoyed it a lot more. Ps Hollywood, you're not smart if you put the following line of dialogue in the film:

  • "Well, laws were meant to be broken".
  • Especially when you're talking about the 3 laws of robotics. Wow, laws were meant to be broken! Watch me fly into the sun and emerge totally unscathed using only the power of my mind because the laws of physics were meant to be broken!

    Oh, and it's my birthday today. Yeah. I'm 20 now, so if anyone calls me immature from this point on it'll officially make me really really sad. In my SYOUL. Anyway, here's some bizarre linkage for you, WOLF 5k! Wolfenstein 3d in 5k of Javascript....kinda. And don't forget to ASK THE CASTK

    Bigger Than Cheeses

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    [12:13] <Drinsano> the guy from the football team who was railing the captain of the girl's volleyball team
    [12:13] <Drinsano> I'm pretty certain he's happy with theamount of sex he had in highschool
    [12:13] <Drinsano> and that's why I'm going to slit his throat
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