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429: Spoilers ah--oh, too late
Spoilers ah--oh, too late

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay, so "we're gonna install your adsl on friday" apparently means "we're NOT going install anything ever, because we're lazy shiftless bastards". So as promised last week, here's some mighty mighty swearing:

Is it THAT fucking hard to come and install adsl in under THREE GODDAMN MONTHS YOU SHIT EATING BASTARDS!?!

There's 3 more hours left in the working day for them to come and install the stuff I paid for before I make a promise before man and god that I will spend the first week making them sorry they ever gave me access to their servers by downloading everything in the world

AAAANYWAY, today's comic is full of past strip referencing...well, two, really. And for those playing at home, Jacque spoiled the surprise endings to Fight Club, Jacob's Ladder, The Usual Suspects, Secret Window, Memento and The Empire Strikes Back. That bastard. sources tell me that buzz is back, but it hasn't propogated here yet, so I wouldn't know. Keep trying anyway, or just vote extra hard at twc. I can't feel my hands anymore, so I'm wrapping this newspost up. Check out the forum, where I'll no doubt be saying very naughty cuss-filled things, and also the bizarre linkage Orangutan Boxing!

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[22:26] <GreyMantledWolf> the internet guy is out side trying to shut off the internet to my neighbor's apt
[22:26] <GreyMantledWolf> and they'res a hornets nest in the box
[22:26] <GreyMantledWolf> they're stinging him like mad
[22:26] <GreyMantledWolf> i should stop putting flowers and nectar in that box
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