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43: Damn that dancing baby
Damn that dancing baby

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A look back
God I hate that dancing baby. "Ooh! It's a baby! It's dancing!" Yeah, that was real cute...for about 12 seconds. I want to hunt down every stupid executive and middle manager who decided to slap it across TV commercials and shows and wring their necks. I mean who WANTS to see that damn baby dance? NOBODY! They even made a bloody SONG about the damn thing (some band called 'Trubble' or something, if my permanently scarred memory serves correctly). What's next? T shirts? A television network? "all dancing baby, all the time!". No, I've got it! A MOVIE! 3 hours of the dancing baby dancing and making me want to punt the bastard like a football more and more with every passing second. Ahem. Sorry. I just really don't like that baby
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