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432: Cheapest punchline ever
Cheapest punchline ever

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The joke is really weak, but I wanted an excuse to use "Ow!! My Sins!"...and that's how being a bigshot webcomic creator works. You just wallow around in your own crapulence, then hope people send you money (hint hint). Also, in case you don't go onto irc, or read the btc livejournal...


Yes, after two months of waiting, they finally gave me the router...and after another half a week of waiting, the line filter so I could actually use it. And for six glorious hours I downloaded the fuck out of everything in sight. Then I got cut off and couldn't reconnect, because apparently Telstra decided to "upgrade" something and knocked out the ADSL authentication thing for most of the city. Smooth. Anyway, I've got some annoying guy bugging me for something or other, so remember to vote at buzz every single day, I'm not joking, every single day, and maybe visit the forum. Not necessarily every single day, but you can if you want to. Reader page updated, and your bizarre linkage how to fold a shirt! This actually works, I've been practising. I'm down to about 4 seconds per shirt. Speaking of shirts, Keir's latest lobster comic is the shirt-wettingestly funny comic ever. Lobster strike indeed.

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<SandyCheeks> COKE SEMEN! it'd be like coke on tap! i'd give even more head that way
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