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435: THIS SUMMER....

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There was gonna be a sillhouette of Kool-Aid man in panel 2, but that blew the joke too early. In buzz voting related news, both Wigu and Scary Go Round have thrown their hats into the ring meaning next month we probably won't even BE in the top 10, unless you vote super duper hard. You know I'm serious because I said duper. Also, I'm leaving a link to the forum, which you KNOW means business. Plus the reader art page is updated. Anyway, I've got about six thousand words due in various assignments, so I'm gonna palm you off to some bizarre linkage, PULLING A LYNNDIE! Oh, and Nat makes an unscheduled appearance in a certain someone's webcomic. So I updated the sightings page too
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[18:15] <Jas|In|Shock> I know a girl that punches anyone who talks to her boobs instead of her face. Only problem is, she;s about 6 ft, and has a DD chest
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