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442: End of days
End of days

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Whoa! Thanatos! BACK FROM THE DEAD!? That's right, the plot twists come thick and heavy all over your face, three times a week. And remember to vote at least twice as much as that, okay? Okay. The forum gang are racing along into plot speculation territory with many misses and possibly some hits, along with planning my demise too, but check those cheesites out anyway. Also, recently the creator of Chuck and Elmo took me up on my assertation that my comic would knife fight his comic....well it's time now, fella COME AT ME. You might want to check out the bizarre linkage, Stairway to Heaven backwards....this could get messy

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[11:43] <Teegus> trying to find anything good on warez sites is a needle in a haystack. if the needle was the size of an atom and the haystack was a mount everest sized pile of porn, infectious material and shit
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