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443: I want to believe in us
I want to believe in us

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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Thanatos has a brother AND a mysterious past!? It's ALL COMING TOGETHER now! If you haven't voted recently, which you should have since you're all voting every day, there's a sexy new vote insextive on buzz...maybe a sign of things to come? Who knows! The forumers have been getting antsy, but things are going to pick up soon, I can feel it. Blurry seems to doubt my dedication to the new drama genre (correctly pronounce SHJON-REH, BLURRY), but then again I guess he was too busy STEALING SIMPSONS PLOTS to know art when he sees it. What next, Blurry? Otto falls down a well? Lit Match goes to clown college? You make me sick. And yeah I breathe through my mouth. My nose was damaged in the war, to protect your liberties COMRADE. Bizarre linkage: NASUBI

Bigger Than Cheeses

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[14:42] <SandyCheeks> Technogen i promised them to my bf ... he made me a shirt that says ... "soph land..... come for the jugs stay .." and on the back "stay for the food (food is corssed out and jugs is scribbled on underneath)"
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