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445: Lesson 2: Not telling the cops
Lesson 2: Not telling the cops

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Wow, you guys. Wow. Thanks to the promise of nudity, we jumped to #3 on buzz! I should do this more often. Speaking of more often, you cheesites sure vote a lot more often when you think there's some nudity. HMM. HMMMMMMM. Anyway, in case you were too busy getting psyche'd there's now a store where you can buy Jesus firing guns akimbo shirts, jerseys and a mouse pad which hopefully will have the WHOLE IMAGE on it instead of an oversized preview. I submitted six different files before realising it didn't affect the preview in the least. Sources on the street tell me 99dogs is good quality, so if you bitch about the materials like with cafepress I will punch you. In the face. Currently unit lei shirts are the frontrunners for the next design so pop into the forum and check things out. Or lodge a vote for a different shirt. Actually, only lodge a vote if you have the intention of buying it because I swear if this is another bojangles fiasco I will murder everyone. Speaking of murdering everyone, GOATSE TIME MAGAZINE
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[13:42] <egads> bah. people find out i have a webcam, they instantly assume i have naked pics
[13:43] <bec> you do..
[13:43] <egads> just one
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