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452: Trainin' montage
Trainin' montage

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Of course the method of reaching enlightnment through repetition of mundane tasks is a subsect of Zen Buddhism that became popular in the mid 1800s....or am I making it all up? What I'm NOT making up, however is this crazy shirt folding video. It's insane I tell you. And it really works, I tried it out and now do not fold my shirts any other way. Shirtvana was gonna have some of those spinny electron deals, but it looked like junk. Also, I'd normally up the colours so the gradient would be rendered smoother but I kinda like the levelled effect here. Do you? Well, I've got some uni junk that needs doing, so drop into the forum, and maybe drop into some bizarre linkage, Steven Seagal's 'Songs from the Crystal Cave'!


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[11:35] <Pathogen> [23:36] <Dest> What the hell is a pikelet? <-- owned.
[11:35] <Pathogen> its one of DC's made-up words.
[11:35] <Pathogen> like "clitoris"
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