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453: (not) White Ninja and the chest expander
(not) White Ninja and the chest expander

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you're unfamiliar with le albino ninja comicsuru, White Ninja is a comic that walks the thin line between non sequitur and complete insanity every update. Frankly I could've done this comic in regular btc style, but it was more fun to do this way. Also I needed time to draw up the new ask the castk as the buzz vote incentive It's a new month (well it is for me right now, I don't know what GMT the buzz servers are set to), so vote like crazy people when it resets! Sources also reveal to me that Blurry once shot a pregnant woman in the arm. With a needle....full of AIDS. Yeah, I KNOW! Anyway, speaking of terrible unspeakable evil, how about you check out the bizarre linkage, SPANKIES! And don't forget to visit the forum.

Okay, since I haven't put the vote link in the newspost for over a month now and we've still managed to hog #1 with such a large lead, I think it's time to bow out of twc for the time being and let someone else take a crack at top spot. Thanks for all the awesome voting!

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