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455: It makes sense, if you think about it II: Electric Boogaloo
It makes sense, if you think about it II: Electric Boogaloo

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Ahhh, nothing like a spot of the old ultraviolence....I mean running jokes. Yes, in Dimension ZX, Disneyland is still a theme park, but a theme park where all the rides and attractions are devoted to torture. Disneyworld is still a pretty awesome to go, though. If you're up to date with all the latest voting biz, you'd have noticed the brand new sad Thanatos in the snow vote animation. Check it out, and make sure your speakers are up. If you're at work you might want to get your boss in on some of this, cause it's pretty sweet. Anyway, since there's apparently been some sort of "confusion" with asking the castking, instead of simply emailing in questions, you now have the Straubian option of asking directly in the forum. Thanks once again to pudbat for hosting the btc forum and letting me fill it up with nonsense. If you are allergic to forums, you could still email. Whatever. Anyhoo, it's time for me to fly away in my sugar powered asparagus, see you next time, cheesites and cheesettes.....cheeseettes? Someone figure this out. And don't forget to check out the new NUMBAR ONE CAM, because it's omnipotently breastalicious. Everyone remember to say your thank yous to neesh when you're done gawking

Oh, and apparently I subconsciously ripped off Scott with the crazy policeman. Damnit! Sorry Scott. I'm sure it's okay because he's usually too high on illegal heroin to care about such human matters.

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[23:44] <one-love> (Mootar) morons.
[23:44] <one-love> (Mootar) these people who live in my apartment complex are connected to my wireless
[23:44] <one-love> (Mootar) they must think they're super-cool hackers by breaking into my completely unsecure network
[23:44] <one-love> (Mootar) unfortunatly, the connection works both ways
[23:44] <one-love> (Mootar) long story short, they now have loads of horse porn on their computer
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