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465: Double entendre
Double entendre

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Naked ladies could mean only one thing, Cheesecake month is back, but it took a diet this time round and now it's only cheesecake fortnight. Ah well, you takes what you can gets. And really, there's nothing as wholesome as carving pumpkins while naked. Also, standing behind a naked person holding a candle in a suggestive manner. Don't forget to show buzz votey love when the list resets to november, the vote incentive is a new art style I've been working on, and I'll see you next week! Also, congrats to Dani's comic for passing its 1 year anniversary on the 16th. Also, it turns out that along with making webcomics at my uni, she was also taking the same english unit as me and we totally didn't find out until the final lesson of semester. Crazy. Well, I've got a mountain of study to do, so enjoy your bizarre linkage, the SOLID STATE CAN CRUSHER!
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[18:53] <Kaffy> man, goon, when you die, i'm gonna come to your funeral and make everyone call it your 'gooneral'
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