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476: Monks are lucky on the craps table
Monks are lucky on the craps table

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
What DO you call monks? Brother? I think it might be brother. Anyway, I'm trying out a new thing with dream/thought bubbles, and it looks real crap because I hardly ever use them. I'll have to do more practice to get it looking how I vaguely imagined it in my head. As opposed to when I imagine things in my pants. Like sexy ladies. And underwear. Note I did not say sexy ladies underwear, potential blackmailers. Anyway, I believe this is another Aussie webcomic from the style of writing, but I'm not really sure. Buzz finally un-bandwidth exceeded itself, and also reset for December, so remember to vote like awesome-os. There's some discussion in the forum about sex and video games, or sex with video games, or something. Go check it out. Anyway, bizarre linkage: The poopy roommate from hell! here's a single site with only the storyteller's posts. The btc store now sells ;_; shirts! Buy one and make fun of people. Buy two and become a god

Also, I think I'm going to this Wai-Con thingy for a panel about webcomics, but I'm not sure since Sonictail hasn't gotten back to me.

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