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477: A pirate's mightiest foe is the ballroom
A pirate's mightiest foe is the ballroom

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I've been playing Pirates! nonstop since I got it, and it's fucking. awesome. I've indeed plundered my way all over the place, and think the Spanish have a price on my head, which is awesome because everywhere I need to go is Spanish. And against the wind. Also I've been courting governors' daughters all over the place, but I cannot dance. My computer is just under the system requirements, so whenever the camera decides to do it's twirly thing (ie: the entire time), I can't make out what move I'm supposed to do in time to do it. But pirating is still hella fun. I've been told there's in fact another australian webcomic, on the same server as the one I linked on friday. And also Still Untitled is having it's reopening today, so go enjoy that. I haven't updated the buzz vote incentive yet, but I did make a thrustingly new vote flash, so have fun with that. And turn your volume up. Especially if you're at work. The author for Irregular Webcomic finally got back to me (apparently his spam filters were a bit too happy last time I tried to contact him) and his readership is roughly equal to btc's. So if we're gonna keep our title of 'Australia's most popular webcomic', we're gonna have to fight for it! If you haven't already, get a friend hooked on btc! Pass out free samples to get them hooked, then charge them for each consecutive hit! Ohhhh yeah. That's all for now. It's time to be a pirate again. Enjoy the bizarre linkage, Star Wars....MANGA
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[23:25] <J-Dawg> my brother is a USMarine, and he came home from boot camp, and tried to show us how he can do pushups with only his thumbs, and dislocated both of them
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