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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I wonder if people in Hollywood have ever actually used these newfangled computer machinations, or if they just connect to the internet and download their child pornography with sheer mind power. And if you think I'm implying everyone in Hollywood is a paedophile. Yes. Yes I am. Speaking of paedophiles, to my knowledge, these guys aren't. I'm not sure about these guys, but we know they're Aussie at least, so I'll let it slide...for now. If you go and vote at buzz, you'll note I was trying out the thick outline thing to make things look more cartoony, but in fact was a terrible waste of time, because it means I have to go back and double-draw things. Or at least their outlines. Also, thanks to cthon for sending in 5 pounds towards the world domination fund. I still haven't heard back from sonictail regarding the Wai-Con thing, so I don't know if I'm still invited or what. Apparently it's on at Sunday 11-11:50am in Room 4 of the UWA Arts building, if you're in Perth. Okay, time for me to go! Have fun in the forum, and maybe scream in horror at Tiny Pinnochio
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[23:30] <Tya> that ECO class I was taking, sure sounds like Economics, finally pay attention, turns out to be an Ecology class...
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