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479: More input! More!
More input! More!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
If you don't remember, there was of course a Short Circuit 2, which is why I didn't say 1986-Present. I finally caught up with Sonictail and it's pretty much confirmed that the webcomics panel is on at 11-11:50am on Sunday the 12th at the UWA Arts building, in Lecture room 4. I know that the Make with the funny posse will be there, but I'm not sure about the other members of the panel. I believe there's also an entry fee, since it's a con after all, but if you're up for it, why not drop by and hear me insult other webcomic creators! And maybe answer some questions. I don't know what kind of panel it'll be. Anyway, if you vote at buzz, you can see the result of an ongoing joke over at the PvP forums regarding Rob Liefeld. That's all from me, if you need to ask any questions or whatnot, drop into the forum, or irc channel. Have fun racking your brains at the bizarre linkage, Quzzle, the hardest sliding block game ever invented (there's a link inside the story, but a larger version here)
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[18:59] <silentpyjamas> one night i had a convo for like an hour with this guy
[18:59] <silentpyjamas> about his dongle and my pci slot
[18:59] <Beermon> an hour
[18:59] <silentpyjamas> and how i wanted him to plug it in and fill me with his hot streaming data
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