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489: Tragicomedy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
What better way to start off 2005 by killing off a character, then some implied necrophelia stuff. Yeah, what the hell. Also, stealth joke: Charlotte never had any lines, so Thanatos missing the melodic sound of her voice doesn't work if you're of the school of thinking that nothing goes on in the comic between updates. Hooray. And in case you're wondering, there was actually some demand to keep Charlotte as a member of the cast, but more demand to keep her, then kill her off in a sexy manner. Yes, they specified sexy manner. Enjoy, necros! Anyway, buzz has unbandwidth exceeded itself, so if you go vote you can see some anime girl I did for no reason. Also, if you go to the livejournal community, you can see the whole oc that I did with neesh. Or most of it, since there was a lot of erasing. I've closed the ask the castk thread in the forum, so if you want to send any in, it's gotta be through email like previously. Also, because it's really hard to do when I don't draw eyes or a mouth, Duke is rolling his eyes in the last panel. Okay, hope you had a rockin new years, and here's some rockin bizarre linkage: EVIL SKI MASKS
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[12:35] <Jase> actually, in one of the extra scenes, they hit jesus with a flaming chair
[12:35] <Jase> and some guy gives him a piledriver
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