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491: It's retro new chic
It's retro new chic

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Unit Lei is such an adorable urchin. Also, this comic goes out to all those people out there who get a kick out of sad women. Enjoy. If you tuned in yesterday, you might have noticed the little 'RSS Feed' link appearing under the comic. Now instead of checking the Livejournal nonstop, you can use your rss client of choice to be notified about updates! Hooray! I only tested it with MyYahoo and Sage, but it appears to work, and it's valid, so what the hell. I can't figure out a way to actually include images, so right now it's just a direct link and a snippet of the newspost. Also I have no idea how to make it do that little 'add live bookmark' thingy down the corner in firefox, so right now you just add the feed.xml link into your rss client. Carissa of Alex Bea Zoe has writted up a nice study on webcomics, which is handy for those starting out in the business. I forgot to update the vote incentive last time as promised, but it's updated now. I also managed to figure out how to get the tables to actually hit the top and bottom of the page now instead of leaving a little gap, thanks to my friend Jon's help. Also, there's a new default theme set in the forum, so check it out if you wanna feel the love. Anyway, enjoy the bizarre linkage: Pink Pistols! Now you can finally combine your love of handguns with your love of members of the same sex.

Edit: Okay, I just figured out how to add the little rss icon down the bottom for firefox, so if you're using it, which you should be, you can now have an easier time subscribing to btc! Hooray! Does anyone still need the rss link underneath the comic, or can I remove it now?

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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[18:29] <Greymantledwolf> everyone's gotta know at least one kid like that
[18:30] <Beerman> the one I know is named Simon
[18:30] <Beerman> once it was raining and he was standing outside my (open) bedroom window at 3am with a machete
[18:30] <Beerman> because he thought it would scare me
[18:30] <Greymantledwolf> ahhahha
[18:31] <Beerman> and it would be funny
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