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493: This is seriously what my day consists of
This is seriously what my day consists of

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you didn't know, which you wouldn't unless you frequent the irc channel or are in fact telepathic, I got a job. Let me tell you how it goes down: Monday morning I am woken by a call asking if I'm still looking for a job. I say yes, so the guy says to come in for an interview. I do. After the interview, he says he'll let me know some time this afternoon. I get home and there's a message on the machine to call the guy back, which I do, upon which he tells me I get the job. It's a 3 month contract and I in fact start the next day, supporting users with their computers. Hooah! No, get this I show up for my first day on the job, and the guy who hired me tells me one of the people they have supporting their clients has pissed off overseas without telling anyone, so now nobody's doing his job and it looks bad for the company. I'm sent there to cover for him, and told to not under any circumstances reveal that I am new. Yes, so I can't use the 'it's my first day' excuse if/when I mess things up. Anyway, on my first day at this company I didn't join which I've never heard of using software I've never seen, every single call I take I tell that I need to 'investigate' or 'research' the problem, while practicing my screaming drills in my head. Google is an invaluable tool. Also, there are 3 floors consisting of something like 400 people. While looking through the internet history of the guy who bailed, I notice a number of travel sites which he's been frequenting for the past few days, and a couple of sex advice sites for him to frequent with his wife more frequently. I'm more pissed that he didn't notify anyone before just not showing up to work so I have to take his goddamn work queue. Anyway, that was my first day, how was yours. buzz apparently is down, or messing up or something. I don't care. The forum appears the same as usual, and my arms are dead from lugging two computers up and back from the furthest store room in the world. Bizarre linkage: THE PUPPY CHANNEL AWWWWWWW

Oh, and updates might be iffy for the next few weeks. Yeah. I'll keep you in the loop through the livejournal

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