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495: Ps: Kyle is really fat
Ps: Kyle is really fat

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Hey hey, this particular monstrosity is the result of an oc showdown between yours truly and the vicious queen Zach. He wanted to make a comic about, like, ponies in dresses or something stupid like that, but I talked him out of it with five across the eyes. Then I drew the entire thing with my eyes closed in 2 seconds flat. That's how good I am. Btc got a review with some actual thought put into it for once over at korsil, and that is a cue for those rabid readers to not fire flames off. I'm serious. If I hear any reports of flaming I will be very unhappy with you. You especially. Direct your energy towards voting at buzz instead. I noticed another aussie comic (I think) over yonder, and otherwise there's nothing new to report. Drop into the forum if you enjoy talking about things, and I'll see you wednesday, assuming I don't die. Bizarre linkage: Furby Autopsy! Terrifying
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[22:52] <JDawg|MenRTalking> I had a friend in high school who thought 'birth control' meant having a baby so she couldn't have any more for 9 months
[22:53] <Nikki> wow
[22:53] <JDawg|MenRTalking> yeah, she didn't graduate.
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