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496: Fortunately for Randal, it was not regular night
Fortunately for Randal, it was not regular night

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Miss MC McDonald actually wanted to call him 'Randall', but I quickly labelled her a witch and she, like, flew off into the night on a broom. More importantly, Bollox ends tomorrow! READ. NOW. READ READ. Before it's too late! I'm pretty sure once he stops updating, he's gonna start deleting comics, on the same update schedule! HURRY YOU FOOLS! Also, forum, you fools! Forum is a verb now. I said so. Anyway, bizarre linkage: BILL GATES - TEEN HEARTHROB. See you in the funny pages....Or the obituaries
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[07:21] <Billybobgeorgebob> It's 6:19, do you know where your children are? Because this guy here gives incredible blow jobs.
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