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498: Le french
Le french

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yessiree, because I'm lazy you get a cheesecake update! Take THAT dead piro day. Everyone can thank cheesite taotu for suggesting the french theme, although she actually wanted a beret involved. Pft, like anyone sexy ever wore a beret. Okay, if you enjoy cheesecake updates, why not vote at buzz? If you don't...uh...why not vote anyway? Yeah. That's the stuff. I promised to show up to the forum a bit more, so say interesting stuff and I'll drop in. I think I just called all the current forumgoers boring. Anyway, time for the bizarre linkage, courtesy of Forumopolis. Like movies? Hate Jews? Have I got the site for you!
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[22:39] <Patrick|notworkin> Pffsh, I've had a bad experience with massages. mike stood on my back and made me do pressups. then I stepped on his back and now he's in a wheelchair
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