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499: Must...crush...newspaper!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Sweet nuts, 500th comic on friday! What the SHIT am I gonna do! Anyway, today's comic really didn't need the 'next week: ANAL!' but it was the 499th comic after all, and I hadn't used the word anal enough. Thanks to this comic for the anal. Speaking of anal, thanks to Zach for showing me how to draw burning people, and for lending his name. Or leasing. I owe him some money now I think. Alternate dialogue was:

Panel 2:
Nat: Isn't that a little dangerous?
Thanatos: Nah, it's fine, I've got the human torch to help put out the fire
Panel 3:
N: That's not the human torch, that's just a guy on fire. He looks like he's dead
Panel 4:
T: Then who's that?
N: [random celebrity name]

Scathing. Anyway, it's Australia day, so I've got to do my australian duty and vomit all over the place or something. Vote at buzz to see absolutely nothing new, and check out the forum, where people call each other names for days at a time. Also, your bizarre linkage: CARDSTACKER This guy is totally inzane.

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