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50: Won't somebody think of the children?!
Won't somebody think of the children?!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Another webpage related comic. This time, a parody (?) of this site. I'm not sure if it's a parody or not, but I really hope it is, because if there are real people as stupid as that in this world, then frankly I want to get off it. The main server has been acting funny lately, not letting me log into the FTP, as well as with the wonderful support at fortunecity I'm sure the problem will be fixed soon (note: I am being VERY sarcastic, there IS no support at fortunecity, unless you want to look through 2 year old help files or pay for tech support that isn't even for fortunecity). Anyway, new comic up. Enjoy.

Search for the replaced btc
If I were redrawing this comic, I'd fix Duke's jaw up....or would I draw it WORSE, to make people notice it more?

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<Goonigoogoo> now, back to questioning ender's sexuality
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