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500: WOOHOO x5

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I think this 500th comic just goes to prove that I am mentally unstable. And that I find pregnancy hilarious. Speaking of pregnancy, JDizzle comics carried their 100th comic to full term, but had to..uh..get a...caesarian. Something. Must...carry...on...pregnancy...metaphor...till...bitter...end. Awesome work at fertilising all the eggs at buzz with your hot spermlike clicks every day, everyone! And all the morning sickness in the forum is totally normal. Suzanne made a haiku comic which I didn't save, because it so terrible, but I promised I'd call him girl names in the newspost if he did, so congratulations Michelle, you've finally achieved your dream. ...Cindy Anyway, enjoy the bizarre linkage: GUNTHERNET. I'll see you in another 100 comics where I am now out of the options to look back, forward, alternate dimensions, behind the scenes or at other genres. What's left!? I'll figure it out in 99 more comics!
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[16:26] <Beerman> When all is said and done, I just love wearing dresses
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