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509: Just the way you remember
Just the way you remember

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Kids hold their arms that way when they're being smartasses. I've done studies. You can't argue with studies. Anyway, the Chebbsalicious Cheborah has sent in a coloured version of the Unit Lei portrait shot, which you can view thusly. Or you can go vote to get the black and white version, cause I'm really short on time and haven't been able ot make a new incentive yet. FUN! Also, if you'd gone to the forum like a cool dude or dudette, you'd have seen Shroomy's review, where he plucks my twisted psyche apart like I pluck apart ribcages. Human ribcages. Oh, and that reminds me. "We represent...the lollipop guild" is of course a wizard of oz reference. Also, a monkey island 2 reference, which makes it doubly potent. Okay, I'm gonna go back to thinking of new ways to call Beerman girls names. Enjoy the bizarre linkage, Microsoft teaching leet speek! I am deadly goddamn serious
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[10:21] * Nikki blows up
[10:22] <Jase> oh no
[10:22] <Goonigoogoo> GIRLSPLOSION
[10:22] * AllTheAwesome is now known as up
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