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517: You should see the safety instructions for tissues
You should see the safety instructions for tissues

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
That has to be the best dialogue I've ever written, hands down. I mean, "DOYYYY"? C'mon, that's oscar material right there. They should take the oscar off Halle Berry and give it to me. Cause really, she's already got a razzie, that cancels out her oscar. Anyway, the Gewd Guys finally decided on some finalists for the 3 spare slots they have free, and we're one of them! Holy zomg! I mean, you can't vote on it or nothing, since it's a decision amongst the gewd guys, but it's still cool to be in the running. I've updated the buzz vote incentive with the long awaited Sancho vs Jesus fight that you've all been for. Anyway, if you haven't yet, check out the new forum, and I'll make with providing the bizarre linkage: God encouraging butt sex! Go god!
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[16:29] <Fen|Strip> I need a picture of a hooker for reference. Beer, any pictures of your sister handy?
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