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518: Stupid world of mystery and wonder
Stupid world of mystery and wonder

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Sorry for being late, but my electricity cut out on thursday, and I've been without it until now. Actually it was more of a brownout than a blackout, so there was just enough electricity to mock me, but not enough to run cool things, like flourescent lights. Or the fridge. Mmm, expired milk. Anyway, I return with a new comic and the news that HOLYSHITWE'REINTHEGEWDGUYS! Awesome. I'm gonna have to redesign the page once I get the linky code stuff. Or more accurately, I'm gonna bring in someone else to do it, since I've had enough of making webpages. Anyway, get this, SMBC RETURNS, MOTHER BITCHES! Go read the extra comics that've gone up since the keenspace mirror went dead oh so long ago. Read them and love them. Still catching up on things, so no new vote incentive right now, but don't let me stop you. By all means go right ahead and vote. I think there's some actual stuff in the forum when I had a quick glance, so why not check that out too.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[16:18] <Beerman> asscleavage is only my friend when its pretty laddy ass.
[16:18] <Beerman> ...
[16:18] <Beerman> lady
[16:18] <Beerman> pretty lady ass
[16:18] <Beerman> I HATE YOU ALL
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