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519: Chris Rock as Marty McSuperFly
Chris Rock as Marty McSuperFly

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you missed it, here's disney's latest attempt to rape your childhood memories. And if you missed this too, here's their previous attempt, but at least it had Bruce Campbell. Anyway, thanks to resident black lady speejays for telling me the proper usage of 'izzle'. Anyway, new aussie comic for you to look at, Zombie Jesus! And yeah, it's definitely John Allison inspired. In the same way movie comics was Penny Arcade inspired. Anyway, keep up all the great voting, and visit the also great forum. Enjoy the bizarre linkage: Pussy pops! Totally NSFW. If you work at a place where this material is safe for work, I want to know where you work, cause it sounds great
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[18:47] <Fenris_Wolf> You know you want a plate from this man buffet.
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