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528: Man, they outsource EVERYTHING
Man, they outsource EVERYTHING

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Because part of my job entails dealing with companies on the phone on behalf of the people in my company who's problem I'm trying to fix, I spend a lot of my day talking to people in India. And it's real hard to put an indian accent in text. You do it. Yeah, not so smart NOW are you. Punk. Anyway, how about this new deal from my homies at Make with the funny - Continuous Comics! What is a Continuous comic you ask? How the hell should I know. It's on the page. Click the link. Speaking of homies, happy birthday to girl homie neesh, who's 21st it is tomorrow. Or in two days. I don't know how your timezone works. There's some new OC madness in vote incentive form, thanks to canadian homie keir. Okay, loiter around in the forum while I get some bizarre linkage from the fridge. Negro Space Program!

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[11:44] <GreyMobile> oh man john's flipping out
[11:44] <GreyMobile> oh man
[11:44] <GreyMobile> he's drunk as hell
[11:44] <GreyMobile> and yelling about me using his laptop to help the mIRC corporation
[11:44] <GreyMobile> he's so drunk
[11:44] <Beerman> you could remove all the keys and spraypaint it camo, and do the keys as well with indecipherable symbols
[11:45] <GreyMobile> he wouldn't be pleased
[11:45] <GreyMobile> man
[11:45] <GreyMobile> he's yelling alot
[11:45] <GreyMobile> so loud
[11:45] <Halt_Man> shove his laptop where the sun dont shine
[11:45] <Halt_Man> under his bed
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