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So long, and thanks for all the fish
There were originally going to be like 3 panels of that guy yammering on, but screw it. So anyway, as far as I can tell, whenever a breathtaking new technology is revealed, the best way to make a tech demo is to render an elf lady with huge breasts. Or a mermaid with big boobs. Anyway, following the lead of Dusk and Nalu, I present you with Xzyt, who satisfies the examples set out by the previous contenders with having both large jugs and a 4 letter name you totally don't care about. She's a, uh, alien...and her culture doesn't believe in clothing. Perfect. Buy up, suckers. This was probably funnier in my head, because when I got my new Geforce 6600GT card, it came shipped in a box with no less than three busty rendered women on it. This is a big change from my last graphics card, which came with a dinosaur rendered on it. Take THAT, you goddamn velociraptor. YOU don't have DDs, DO YOU?! Speaking of DDs, we've dropped out of the top ten at buzz, which is understandable because I still haven't got any new vote incentives together. Also, the forum is still around for those special few miscreants. Bizarre linkage: EDUTAINMENT! I can't believe these guys are professionals. I don't want to buy hard drives designed by the same people who authorised this video.
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[12:40] <Beerman> as a purveyor of illicit drugs, it is my duty to tell you that pot is awesome
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